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Audi TT was issued in 1998. On public court at first it was presented to TT Audi in a compartment body, and one year later – a roadster. It is constructed by Audi TT on the Volkswagen Golf IV platform. The design and an interior of the car is executed completely in sports style. The color scale of TT is offered in several options, from which silvery color unique suitable for this model.
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Audi R8 debuted in 2006. The body is made completely of aluminum, also as well as V-shaped the eight-cylinder engine in capacity of 420 h.p. with which equipped P8 Audi. The power unit in a combination to a six-step mechanical transmission and R-Tronic works.
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Audi Q7  – one of the biggest European SUVs. Its overall dimensions make in length of 5086 mm, width - 1983, height - 1737 mm and wheel base of 3002 mm. The powerful silhouette of Audi ку7 corresponds to the same powerful technical base of the car where for rideable qualities the independent suspension bracket with double cross-section levers answers, and an adaptive pneumatic suspension bracket with electronic system of change of characteristics of shock-absorbers with which the car optionally is equipped.
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The world premiere of Audi Q5 took place in 2008. The sports and comfortable sedan can well show itself both in motor racing, and in usual daily city service conditions and on trips on rest by a big family.

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Audi A8 (A8 Audi) appeared in the automobile market in 1994. Before consumers the all-wheel drive sedan which body is made of an aluminum alloy was presented front-wheel, and one year later. Under a cowl engines in volume of 3,7 l of V8 and 2,8л were established at first to V6. Appeared V-shaped six-cylinder diesel with a turbo-supercharging and direct injection in volume of 2,5 l in capacity of 150 h.p. and also six-cylinder in volume of 2,8 l, and V8 in volume of 3,7 and 4,2 l in capacity of 230 and 300 h.p. later.
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After the installed restyling of Audi 100/S4 in 1994 electrical equipment was seen by the Audi model to which the producer appropriated a new index of A6 (A6 Audi). Changes concerned a car body, and also A6 Audi received a forward and full drive and a wide line of petrol and diesel engines.
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The debut of Audi A4 (A4 Audi) took place in 1994. The model came in the stead Audi 80. А4 the producer offered consumers in a body of a four-door sedan with a forward and full drive. 
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