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Audi A4 - Power or Comfort?

The debut of Audi A4 (A4 Audi) took place in 1994. The model came in the stead Audi 80. А4 the producer offered consumers in a body of a four-door sedan with a forward and full drive. 

Under cowl А4 received ryadny four-cylinder petrol engines in volume of 1,6 l in capacity of 101 h.p., 1,8 l in capacity of 125 h.p. and 150 h.p., six-cylinder V-shaped in volume of 2,6 l in capacity of 174 h.p. and 2,8 l in capacity of 174 h.p., and also diesel ryadny with a turbo-supercharging in volume of 1,9 l in capacity of 90 and 110 h.p. In 1996 there was tridtsatiklapanny V6 the engine in volume of 2,8 l in capacity of 193 h.p. 

The producer and the wide list of additional options and the equipment for A4 Audi equipment offered. Already in a base complete set on А4 established cast disks, mirrors with the electric drive and heating, ABS system, the power steering and мн.др.

By 1996 in a modeling line of Audi A4 the quantity of base models was equated to thirty seven. There were in a ruler the sports S4 and S4 Avant models equipped with a full drive and a sports suspension bracket, and also the most powerful versatile person of Audi RS4.

In 2000 light the second generation of Audi A4 which received high level of comfort and workmanship, saw powerful power units, high level of system of safety and rich equipment by additional options and the equipment, existence and which look the consumer himself chooses for equipment of the car.

In 2004 there was a versatile person of Audi A4 Avant and a coupe-cabriolet with harmonious rigid roof А4 of Cabrio. The cabriolet became model of new generation, with modern design, elegant and in the same sports shape and character which is created by the powerful power units established under a cowl with in limiting capacity of 220 h.p.

In 2004 light was seen by the third generation of model in a body of a sedan and the versatile person of Avant. A4 Audi received the updated design, the new power units, the modernized sports suspension bracket and the chassis, and also qualitative at high level furnish of salon and rather wide choice of the additional equipment. 

New Audi A4 thanks to the high workmanship and equipment level can be carried now to the highest class of prestigious cars with confidence.
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